Motivation and Performance

The Motivation and Performance grant is a way to reward youth who make an effort to reach a goal, and a means to improve their performance in domains that they are passionate about.

We reward personal motivation and performance through the ACF Grant!

The project is meant to offer support to youth who have attained valuable results in national or international cultural, sports or science performances, or youth who have a personal recognized competence or talent in arts, sports, science, etc.

To this date the program has 27 beneficiaries throughout Mureș County, 20 of these being from the Child protective system. At a deeper look, the objective of the project is to encourage youth who have plans and dreams for their future, and who work hard to achieve those. Thus they receive a monthly grant to use for improving their education, or to attain new qualifications, to perfect their skills or to follow their hobbies or passions.

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